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Skiing to admire the rime cold hot springs: the winter by holding special tourism project

Date: 2019-12-07

Strong cold air wave than a wave, snow around the beautiful scenery to report for duty at the same time as usual, snow and ice swimming, hot spring tour, vacation HouNiaoShi winter and spring, such as traditional "flagship" the donkey mother tourism platform, such as travel network launched one after another.Donkey mother group brand development manager Li Qiuyan said: "the north snow to fall, winter travel reservation peak follow, traditional ice and snow tourism destinations such as Harbin, changchun, tianmu lake, changbai mountain hot springs swim clock, sanya, xiamen and other cold weather holidays related products lie in the list of tourists, early bookings exceptionally hot."

Winter snow and ice swim heat increase year by year

As year-end approaches, winter snow and ice swim into the busy season, airline tickets, hotel and other related price increases, but the tourists travel enthusiasm remains high.Donkey mother travel network, according to data from November of ice and snow product booking people compared to the same period last year growth of 53.2%.Domestic travel to Harbin, changbai mountain, the most popular Beijing and reserved, cold to bubble hot spring, skiing experience winter recreation, such as hot pot, ice sculpture exhibition, snow folk activities become tourists preferred;Peripheral products, shaoxing, yangzhou, wuxi ice paradise for Yangtze river delta tourists have fun to play with snow.Snow in terms of outbound travel, Japan's bubble hot spring, Nordic car chase aurora line is still hot, such as wide praise tourists "Kyoto, Osaka, Japan + snow depth view sea 6, 5 night with group Tours" soaked in appreciating seascape experience, will become the unique winter travel memories.

In preparation for the 2022 Beijing Olympics as the theme of ice and snow sports and related tourism, more and more tourists choose order hotel + skiing in the winter tourism products, such as "changbai mountain 4 days 3 night" snow country in changbai, sentiment on the ass mother platform, visitors can live in changbaishan wanda holiday resort, and enjoy skiing all day give 1 children under 12 years of age (skiing).Besides skiing, the beauty of the snow scenery, rich local folk customs such as north scenery is also the focus of the winter tourism, at mohe in northeast China, jilin rime island, northwest area is rich in xi 'an, urumqi tourists travel choice, Li Qiuyan warned: "the masses of tourists heading to the northeast, northwest and other regions of ice-snow tourism, but should also pay attention to safety, prepare for protection.Before you travel, it is suggested that to understand safety knowledge, buy insurance to effectively reduce the ice-snow tourism may lead to loss."

In winter to keep warm hot spring swimming, cold weather visitors climbing

Recently, the State Council general office issued about 2020 part of the holiday arrangement, New Year's day 1 day off a focus.Notice, the tourists planning plays a spell, "please 2 days to 5 days off", "4 days, please play nine days", but some leisure choice 1.Donkey mother platform, hot spring "attraction", "+ sites" product searches soared.

The reporter understands from the ass mother travel network, this year's hot spring tourism mainly parent-child family, and at the end of terminate his/her leave travel many white-collar group, too.From the perspective of tourists, Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, nanjing and guangdong southern tourists tend to warm the cold weather.Scheduling, most visitors choose a weekend trip, through the drive, high-speed rail to the hot spring scenic area, warm winter.Tianmu lake imperial hot spring water, the pearl river delta of the changjiang river delta region of the zhuhai ocean spring resort, gubei water town near Beijing (simatai) popular international tourist resort, because hot spring is no longer on chilly winter temperatures plummet.

In winter, a cup of medlar tea give you warm, a hot spring pool, make you comfortable from the start to foot or direct fly to warm holiday resort."Afraid of the cold star" not only early wear long Johns, also fled south ward, shows HouNiaoShi resort style.Among them, the running of the three have become the major consumers of 90, Australia's winter season, sanya, boracay, such as the maldives islands become people's first choice.