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One of the world's three largest waterfall Victoria falls nearly dried up

Date: 2019-12-10

According to the British, the guardian reported the Victoria Falls, one of the world's three largest waterfall (Victoria Falls) in 2019, has fallen by half the average flow rate, water level drop to the lowest since 25 years.It is reported, after a century of the most serious drought Victoria falls to slow to a trickle.

Victoria falls in the southern African Zambezi (shot on River), at the same time also in Zambia, Zambia and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) on the border, is extremely great natural wonders on the earth.It is the Niagara River twice the size of its River, when a great deal of water 355 feet (108 meters) into the canyon, the sound was deafening.

But the sight of such water surging changed, Victoria falls, has fallen by half in 2019, the average flow rate, only slight trickle, even showing at the bottom of the pool.

The local tourism market, said the waterfall almost completely dried up, although the annual dry season will lead to a waterfall dried up, but this year's dry season began in June, can say it was Victoria falls the longest of the dry season.

Administration of the zambezi river, according to data flow now falls to its lowest level since 1995, well below the long-term average.Zambia's President Edgar's ancient (Edgar Lungu) said: "significantly" climate change impact on our environment.

"In previous years, when the weather gets dries and haven't reached this level," tourist crafts vendors, 30, dominique, bei (Dominic Nyambe) outside the shop in Zambia livingstone said, "this is the first time we see such experience.This affects our, because customers can see, we don't have that many visitors on the Internet."

Not only that, because of the drought, Zambia national wildlife migrating animals are in the park, fled there may be water, including the big elephant, the elephant also many incident happened in the process of migration.

At present, the world leaders are gathered in Madrid, Spain, the 25th session of the conference of the parties to participate in the UN framework convention on climate change (COP25), discuss how to prevent man-made catastrophic warming caused by emissions of greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile, South Africa has been warming bring some bad influence, such as water supply drying up, and the crop failure, about 45 million people need food aid.