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Arouse the enthusiasm for travel during the Spring Festival Popular tourist hotel bellwether

Date: 2018-02-14

The Spring Festival is China's most important, is also the most distinctive ceremonious traditional festival.As the upcoming Spring Festival in 2018, during the Spring Festival of outbound tourism and domestic long-term travel related lines reserve hot.A stock market, tourism hotel bellwether gradually popular with money, tourist hotel sector is expected to usher in the layout window.

Tourist hotel reservation

With the consumer upgrades, "tourism festival" has become a new folk.In 2018 Spring Festival is coming, the investment express reporter visited several travel agencies found that long-term outbound travel booking has been fully booked during the Spring Festival, and short-term outbound tourism and domestic long-term travel related lines reserve hot.Data shows, up to now, the Spring Festival travel booking passengers for the same period of last year's 1.7 times, travel peak on 17 February 14 solstice, vacations passengers is expected to hit a record high;Affected by the Spring Festival ticket, hotel prices, prepare the overall prices rose 30% than usual this year.

The Spring Festival is also the end of the winter vacation this year, the study on the theme of outbound tourism is popular with tourists.As early as in September last year have a reservation for tourists started consulting winter holiday travel products.Is located in the southern hemisphere's summer in Australia, New Zealand, is the mainstream of parents with children to study abroad during winter vacation.In addition, the United States, Canada, Britain and other parents keen to study popular country is winter.

The travel website reservation data also shows that so far during the Spring Festival in Shanghai, Beijing, hainan, northeast China, yunnan, guilin, xiamen, zhangjiajie is a hot destination for domestic long-term travel.Moreover, peripheral Tours travel time period after the lunar New Year holiday in February 18 to 21, booking mainly parent-child family visitors crowd, "three days and two nights" of the most popular.Publicly, according to data from 2006 to 2017, the Spring Festival golden week tourism revenue growing state, rendering this trend in 2018, tourism revenue is also considerable.