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era0403score:5.0 / 52022-08-04
The room has complete functions, good location and convenient use
jupiterstarscore:4.8 / 52022-08-04
The location is good, the room facilities are fairly good, the TV is broken, there is no bowl, why do you put a dishwasher, the bathtub is too small, generally speaking, the cost performance is fairly good
emmastonescore:5.0 / 52022-08-03
Very good hygiene, environment and location
yangjilascore:4.0 / 52022-07-30
The location is good. It's quite convenient to get in and out.
Ai2010doudouscore:5.0 / 52022-07-24
Xidan downtown area, next to many snacks and specialty restaurants.
It's provided by China Holiday, [view more reviews].